Is a Touch Screen Display Readable Under Sunlight in New York?

In order to be readable under sunlight, a touch screen display must have an optimal level of brightness. This is an important feature for touchscreen computers, especially in vehicles, where ambient light often comes through the windows. This technology is widely used in applications indoors with windows, including air traffic control centers, railroad cars, agriculture machinery, and public kiosks. The following table shows the maximum brightness required for a touch screen display to be viewed under direct sunlight and the brightness required for four common solutions.

Touch screen display readable under sunlight

Moreover, it’s not enough to reduce the surface reflectance of the display. Light is reflected from the different materials of the monitor’s backlight and underlying layers. The presence of touch sensors also increases the total reflectance of the display. Therefore, it’s important to buy a monitor with a high IP rating to be used in outdoor applications. However, this is not an easy task. To select a sunlight-readable touch screen monitor, it’s best to look for a product that has a high IP rating.

Besides its higher contrast, a touchscreen monitor readable for sunlight is also durable. Its glass surface and metal frame are made of a rust-resistant material. The display can be dimmed during the night for a more comfortable viewing experience. This is important for industrial applications where exposure to bright sunlight can result in wash-out images and lower contrast. Optical bonding technology is available in many Teguar products.

A display’s nit level is a measure of light per square meter. Specifically, a screen with a nit level of 800 or more is considered sunlight-readable. A sunlight-readable touch screen can be improved by increasing the brightness of its backlight. The brightest touchscreens feature a 1000+ nit TFT LCD for clear vision in bright sunlight. This means that they can be used outdoors in sunny weather, which is especially important for outdoor usage.

A good touch screen display can be easily read in sunlight. This is particularly important for outdoor applications, such as in vehicles. Despite the high-intensity LED backlights can reduce the ambient light, but they do not make the display fully sunlight-readable. It is important to check the nit level of the touchscreen to see if the screen is sunlight-readable. There are some models that can be dimmed while the display is in the dark.

One of the key advantages of a sunlight-readable touchscreen is its brightness. Its nit level is based on the ambient light. Typical brightness of consumer-grade LCDs ranges between 150 and 300 nits. It is advisable to buy a monitor with a nit-readable touchscreen if the ambient light levels are high enough. The display should be able to be read under direct sunlight.