What Are the 4 Top Digital Signage Best Practices in New York

what are digital signage best practices

There are many benefits to digital signage. For one, it can replace notice boards. Its split-screen feature can be used to run a social media wall parallel to an event brochure. Even better, it can be used to replace notice boards and departmental information. A social media wall can create interest in the ice-breaking session or introduce newcomers to the department. For more information, read our article on digital signage best practices.

Guidelines for size, color, and text

There are guidelines for using digital signage in campus locations, including the dimensions of posters, text, and video. Posters must be optimized for a viewing experience by limiting the amount of text to three to five words, unless a larger space is needed. Digital posters must also be approved by the Center for Leadership, Activities, and Career Services (CLACS). CLACS will then forward approved posters to campus offices, including Academic Affairs Digital Signage. Although individuals outside of student groups can submit signs directly to Academic Affairs Digital Signage, CLACS is the preferred route.

For digital signage, the Cornell community supports the principle of accessibility in all communications, including the design of signage. Text should be legible at a distance of thirty to forty two inches. Text colors should be a high contrast to the background. Text colors should be readable even if people have poor vision. To ensure legibility, fonts and other text elements should be large and readable from a distance of 36 to 42 inches. Using accessible content on signage requires designers to consider how people with vision impairments will use it.


The best placement for digital signage depends on the audience it serves. If it is positioned in a meeting room, for example, it will not be able to hold the attention of the audience for long. In a waiting room, it will likely be in a location where it is visible from far away. It should be large enough to be visible even from a distance. Placements on employee gathering areas can also be beneficial.

Adding an audio track to digital displays is a great option in a busy public area, but it is not appropriate for quiet areas. Likewise, you should not use the audio as the only content on the screen. Instead, select audio that will prompt your audience to take action. Ensure that each screen includes a call-to-action that will prompt the audience to take action. The audio should be appropriately matched to the average wait time.


Digital signage is a powerful way to deliver information to consumers. The combination of video, rich media, text, and other interactive content is a unique way to expand the digital touch points of your brand. This type of signage has the added benefit of driving viewer engagement. However, it requires some best practices to make it a successful investment. Read on to learn how you can implement digital signage to get the most from your media.

Interactive digital signage helps with wayfinding. Different people will have different needs when they arrive at your facility. To help them find their way around, interactive digital signage can include touchscreen directories with categories such as department, name, building, and events. Users can even map out the location of their desired destination on the display. If your goal is to increase customer interaction, interactivity is an important part of the process. It’s also important to consider the user’s time and energy needs when designing digital signage.

Call-to-action (CTA) message

When designing a call-to-action message, keep in mind the Flesch-Kincaid reading level test. Most people can read most digital signage, but if the wording is too difficult to understand, your customers will not act on it. Your call-to-action message should be the main focus of your message. Cut out other parts of text or make it longer if you need to.

A call-to-action message should have the lowest barrier to action. It should be simple to understand, easily executed, and measurable. Remember that the purpose of your signage is to create an interaction with your audience, and a call-to-action message should make people want to take action. The more complicated the language is, the less likely someone will act on it. Use trigger words like “download our app today” or “sign up for our newsletter for free.”

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You can also use digital signage to promote your loyalty program. People who are near the cash register are already primed to buy a product. This is a great time to advertise more items and to offer more information. Whether your store offers a loyalty program or just a discount, reviewing your digital signage can enhance the aesthetics of the store and improve conversion rates. So what are you waiting for? Review your digital signage today and see how easy it can be.