4 Touch Screen News in 14 August 2022

It’s no surprise that touch screens have become so common that it has become hard to imagine a life without one. ABC 7 Chicago weatherman Greg Dutra was blown away by a touch screen, moving his hand across it as he attempted to report the weather. Apparently, the weathermen didn’t realize that their hands had already entered the equation, and they stopped their report to fiddle around with the screen.

iPhone 14 to feature unique dual cutout for camera/FaceID

A new iPhone design that will feature a dual cutout for the camera and FaceID sensor is in the works. The design of the new iPhone was leaked months ago, but the performance of the device has not been as great as some have expected. A new leak, however, has raised some eyebrows. A new leak suggests that Apple’s next iPhone may even last longer than its current flagship model, the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple will reportedly release two models, a 6.1-inch model and a 6.7-inch model, and both will have unique cutouts for the camera and FaceID. The Pro models are expected to have a unique circular and pill-shaped cutout for the camera and FaceID sensors, while the non-Pro models will have a standard notch.

iPhone 14 to stick with A15 chipset

A new Twitter report reveals that the A16 chip will be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro. The A15 will be present on the standard iPhone 14 Max, while the non-Pro model will retain the same processor. Interestingly, Apple is reportedly working on satellite communication services for its iPhones, a project codenamed “Stewie.” While Apple has not confirmed the availability of the 2022 models, this news is encouraging, as the company continues to improve its chipset technology.

This new chip would align with the power of its direct predecessors, and Apple will likely call it the A15X or A15TotallyNewThingHonest. The move could make sense as the company struggles to meet demand for its A16 chips. It could also be due to supply chain constraints. Previously, Apple was known to compare the power and efficiency of its latest chipsets against its previous versions, but since 2021, the company has stopped doing so.

Pre-orders for iPhone 14 models to open on 16 September

Apple is rumored to be planning a new all-screen iPhone, and its new iPhone 14 will likely feature a dual cutout that is both round and pill-shaped. The smaller cutout will be more visible, and will appear like a sideways ‘i’ in the display. The new iPhone may also be the first to use this feature. Apple is also working on a new auto accident feature that will automatically dial emergency services if it senses a possible accident.

Some sources believe the iPhone 14 will feature a hole-and-pill design, with a new “rear camera and Face ID dot projector” on its front. The “pill” portion is likely to hold a larger battery than the current iPhone 13 models. There are also reports that the rear camera housing will be similar to the setup on the iPhone 13 models. However, these rumors are largely speculative, and many of the details aren’t entirely confirmed.

September Apple event in 2022

If you’re expecting a new iPhone from Apple this fall, you’re in luck. A recent report suggests that Apple has already started recording segments for its September event. While this could be the first of two such events, it’s likely to be the first of many. Similarly, the October event is widely expected, so it should be interesting to see what Apple has up its sleeve for 2022.

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The iPhone will be the focus of the September event, and we’re expecting the iPhone 14 Pro to be introduced. This device will be much more than the iPhone 13 did, with a new design, faster processor, and major camera improvements. It will also be the largest Apple launch in a few years. The September event could also mark the introduction of three new versions of Apple Watch, the second generation of which will be cheaper than the current iPhone Pro Max.